Natural Resource Management Services

Platypus provides services across the full life cycle of natural resource and river restoration program works. Combining our people capability and resource capacity we specialise in delivering a diverse range of high-quality environmental services.

Our dedicated staff are highly skilled and experienced providing exceptional outcomes. We have extensive experience in land management within sensitive natural areas including threatened species habitats. Our tools and equipment are of the highest quality equipped with the latest technology and safety features.

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  • Botanical surveys
  • Environmental site management plans
  • Site and vegetation assessments
  • Professional consulting, scoping and planning services
  • Mapping including GIS
  • Ecological report writing
  • Flora and fauna monitoring
  • Revegetation plans
  • Provide services required to complete management plans


  • Remote, aquatic, terrestrial and riparian revegetation
  • Production of species lists 
  • Sourcing of stock and materials through quality suppliers
  • Small to large-scale revegetation works
  • Stakeholder liaison, scoping and planning services
  • Site preparation
  • Community-based planting projects 
  • Building of planting fences, plots and aquatic netting structures
  • Wetland bird netting construction and installation
  • Temporary nursery set-ups
  • Tailored plant guarding installation
  • Ongoing maintenance and monitoring
  • GPS mapping
  • Report writing 
  • Risk assessments

Weed Management

  • Herbacious and woody weed control
  • Specialist aquatic weed control
  • Remote area weed control works
  • Knapsack spot spraying
  • Sensitive spot spray works along waterways, estuaries and wetlands
  • High volume spray rig application of herbicide
  • Tree felling
  • Specialised aquatic weed removal
  • Stem injection, cut and paint
  • Chainsawing, brushcutting and manual weed removal
  • Grooming and grab attachments for larges stands of woody weeds
  • Weed suppression applications
  • GPS and GIS mapping
  • Report writing
  • Native and exotic plant identification 
  • Scoping
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Canoe works
  • Remote area training, safety equipment and communication technology

Environmental Maintenance

  • Pipe track and fire break clearing
  • Asset inspection and condition assessment
  • Revegetation maintenance and monitoring 
  • Grooming of aquatic vegetation for hydraulic capacity and de-silts
  • Removal of debris
  • Litter collection and disposal 
  • Removal of woody debris and chipping 
  • Storm recovery works 
  • Remote area works

Pest Animal Control & Monitoring

  • Mapping of pest habitat, including fox dens and rabbit warrens
  • Pest animal monitoring, including spotlighting, fox natal den counts, Rapid Rabbit Assessments
  • Mechanical and physical pest habitat destruction, including ripping
    of warrens
  • Remote camera surveillance
  • Fox baiting and trapping
  • Rabbit baiting and fumigations works
  • Production of pest control reports
  • Professional recommendations