Weed Control

Melbourne and Regional Victoria


Platypus specialises in selective and high-sensitivity environmental weed spraying, and can use state-of-the-art GPS mapping equipment to plot density and abundance of different species.

Our team are equipped with 600-800 litre vehicle mounted quick-spray units with a twin reel, each of which has a range of 400 metre radius.

These quick spray units can be used for large volume control of weeds. For lower-volume, more selective weed control our teams are equipped with knapsack pressure sprayers.

We deal with a range of environmental and agricultural weeds including, but not limited to, blackberry, gorse, periwinkle, honeysuckle, ivy, montperetia, pattersons curse, spiny rush, serrated tussock, hawthorn and box thorn.

Licenses and permits held:

  • Agricultural Chemical Users Permit (ACUP)
  • Commercial Operators License (COL)