Melbourne and Regional Victoria


Platypus specialises predominantly in rural fencing. This fencing can be used either for kangaroo and rabbit exclusion around vegetation plots or for controlling livestock in wildlife corridors, riparian zones and remnant vegetation.

As well as installing rural fencing, we are also experts in maintaining and repairing fences.

Some of the types of fencing we are able to install are:

  • Plain wire fencing
  • Barbed wire fencing
  • Woven wire fencing
  • Electric fencing
  • Post and rail fencing

As safety is of the utmost importance to Platypus, we use enhanced-safety equipment when constructing fences, such as our power-head post rammer, which greatly reduces the risk of injury during usage.

Our 115 horsepower 4WD tractor enables us to work on a number of different terrains and gradients and safely transport fencing material around site.